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Writing books isn’t easy, and the process is not quick, but for people and companies willing to put in the hard work to write a good one, the rewards are rich. Books command attention. Books burnish reputations and lead to business growth. We have the expertise to help people and companies conceive, pitch, develop, write, publish, and market their books.

September 2014

Mighty Midsized Companies

The leaders of midsized businesses often come up dry when they search for advice on how to accelerate growth, improve processes, or deal with challenges that threaten their performance. Most of the literature on these topics is focused on Fortune 500 businesses because they can afford the big fees major consultancies charge. But the problems of midsized companies are very different than those of large businesses. We assisted Robert Sher, founding principal of CEO to CEO, conceptualize, outline, and write a book providing this specialized advice, published by Bibliomotion, Inc.

May 2016

Monetizing Innovation

Bloomberg Business Week calls Simon Kutcher & Partners “the world leader in giving advice to companies on how to price their products.” As a frightening percentage of excellent new products and services fail to gain traction in the market, companies can use that advice. We helped SKP board member and partner Madhavan Ramanujam, and co-CEO Georg Tacke, conceptualize, outline, and write a book about how companies can improve the chances that their new products or services will succeed by determining a price for their products – and finding out if customers are willing to pay it – before pouring time and money into R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

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