Tim Parker

Phone: +1 (978) 335 4313
Email: tparker@bloomgroup.com

Tim Parker advises clients on thought leadership strategy, including the issues they need to own, the right content to produce, and how to take it to market. He leads major research projects and oversees the development of white papers and articles for clients’ own management journals and websites. He also helps clients publish articles in leading business and trade journals such as the Harvard Business Review and Life Science Leader.

Tim began his career in oil-field engineering with Schlumberger in the Middle East. After earning his MBA, he became a consulting partner at CSC Index in Cambridge, Mass., and then a vice president at Computer Sciences Corporation in Europe. As a consultant, Tim helped develop e-business strategies for major companies, and IT strategies for auto and consumer goods manufacturers. After moving to the US with his family, he joined Bloom Group in 2008.

Tim has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from London Business School. He also attended MIT’s Sloan School of Management. His areas of expertise include energy, utilities, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, high-tech, IT services, and healthcare.

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