Thought Leadership Strategy

How We Can Help

Topic areas – The first step in defining a thought leadership program is deciding which topics your company should own. Your choices will depend on your business strategy, the services you offer, which of your professionals have valuable insights, and what the market wants and needs.

Development approach – Should you develop content based on your professionals’ field experience or on original research? If field experience, will you let them propose topics or will you approach them with ones you know are hot in the market? If research, will you do it yourself, partner, or subcontract? We can help you find the right answers for your organization.

Marketing strategy – Which are the best channels for disseminating thought leadership content? There are many to choose from, including your own website, third-party journals, books, conferences, and webinars. What are the best social media platforms? We have the data and experience to help you match your objectives and content to the right channels and media strategies.

Quality standards – How good must your content be? If you want to command respect in the marketplace it will have to be good. If you plan to publish in leading third-party journals it will have to be better. We can help you make sure it is, and intervene early in the process if it isn’t.

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