Thought Leadership Strategy

How to choose the right topics and maximize your ROI


61 Short Takeaways From Bloom Group’s Annual Thought Leadership Summit

David Rosenbaum

On October 4 and 5, CMOs, content marketers, editors, and others responsible for producing thought leadership gathered in Cambridge...

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Construction tape measure on a wooden floor

What’s the Optimum Length of an Article? Wrong Question.

Tim Parker

Here’s what started me thinking: A global management consulting firm recently published an atrocious 600-word article on how to...

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Cropped view of person holding pen and filling out application form on table

How to Write About the Right Things

Tim Parker

One large firm we know recently published an article on how to benefit from the internet of things. This...

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Planning A business

Best Practitioners Offer Four Best Practices for Thought Leadership

Tim Parker

We were speaking last year with a consultant for The Bridge Group, a firm that helps technology companies improve...

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Case Study Research: An Essential Ingredient of Thought Leadership


Nearly every professional services firm today recognizes the market power of “thought leadership”—the ability to demonstrate differentiated and superior...

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Five Topics Needing Thought Leadership in 2018

David Rosenbaum

Weird year, no?Weirdest I can remember.Lots of creepy stuff erupted from America’s collective unconscious and danced that mess around.

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