Thought Leadership Marketing

How We Can Help

Third-party publishing – With more thought leadership content produced and pitched today than ever before, editors at journals like Harvard Business Review and Forbes tell us they are overwhelmed. As a result, they increasingly are reluctant to work with articles that are not publication-ready. Bloom Group makes sure they are. We know these editors, know what they want, and know how to approach them. Consequently, our rate of acceptance at these journals is very high. You can see examples of our clients’ publication successes here, here, and here.

Follow-on articles – Longer articles, or books, especially those based on primary research, can be used to produce many smaller articles, magnifying their impact, and attracting a broader audience of potential clients. Bloom Group helps turn books and research reports into many articles. You can see how this process worked for our clients here, and here.

Self-publishing – Prospective clients will judge a firm by the quality of its thought leading content, no matter where it appears – and some content is not suitable for third-party publication. Bloom Group helps our clients maintain high standards of quality for self-published work. You can see an example of one of our client’s quality self-published work here.

Email outreach – It’s generally acknowledged that an open rate of 25% for email marketing is about as good as you can hope for. Bloom Group, by crafting compelling subject lines and messages, improves that percentage. We recently helped a client craft emails promoting several articles we helped develop, and the campaign led to valuable new engagements.

Social media engagement – Social channels have become the preferred platform for thought leadership content marketing. Bloom Group helps clients produce tweets, blogs, and posts on other social media platforms to promote their thought leadership.

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