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April 2018

In Cyber-Defense, Good Enough Is Far Better Than Perfect

Real-time responses to real-time cyber threats demand a new development model. In this article, we help the director of Air Force Cyber Worx explain why a DevOps environment in which software engineers create quick solutions to prevent network breaches and fix them as things get broken is a better approach to cybersecurity.

September 2017

Driving by Data

Clinical trials are taking drug companies an average of 37% longer to complete. This is partly because of the increasing complexity of study protocols, but self-inflicted problems are also delaying the process. In this article we help Parexel International identify six steps companies can take to speed up their time to market.

August 2016

Three Keys to Mitigating Risk in Adaptive Trials

Phase III trials fail 50% of the time. Chief Scientific Officer Sy Pretorius believes this high rate of failure is caused by trial designs that are outdated and rigid. We help him explain how companies can increase their chances of success by adapting the trial design as data is collected.

November 2015

How to Manage the Hazards of Supplier Subcontracting in Asia

When an Oregon woman opens a box of Halloween decorations she bought at K-Mart, she finds a note from a man in a Chinese prison camp pleading for help. How does this happen? Western companies that outsource manufacturing to Asia often don’t check whether their suppliers are hiring unauthorized subcontractors to do the work. We helped a forensic expert explain what to do about this risk.

July 2015

Risks Converge in Emerging Markets

In a survey of 150 senior executives, 83% reported suffering significant losses in emerging markets. Almost all these losses derived from three categories of risk: regulatory, bribery and fraud, and reputational issues. In this article we helped two FTI corporate finance consultants explain the key findings of their research.

January 2015

Oil and Gas Industry Gets Social Media Wrong

Social media is a much better communication channel for the oil and gas industry than the national marketing efforts it has traditionally focused on. However, the industry has left social media to its activist opponents — a risk it can’t afford anymore. In this article, we help FTI consultant Steve Everley explain why.

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