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June 2019

How Corporations Can Better Work with Startups

Since 2013 the number of corporate investments in startups has tripled, but the success rate of these initiatives remains low. We helped experts at IESE Business School explain the findings of their global survey on the top reasons these projects fail and the three best strategies for addressing the biggest challenges.

December 2018

To Retain Employees, Focus on Inclusion – Not Just Diversity

Companies that seek to keep their employees happy need to know who they are as individuals. This requires getting beneath “identity cover” – the parts of themselves that employees hide when they differ from the majority of their colleagues. We helped diversity and inclusion expert Karen Brown identify three ways company leaders can understand their employees’ true identities.

July 2016

How We Think About Innovation at Cisco

By 2020 Gartner predicts there will be 21 billion things in the Internet of Things. Figuring out how all those things will share and process data, remain secure and be built in ways that allow them to work together requires rapid, industrialized innovation. We helped Cisco Systems Corporate Director Stephan Monterde share his company’s strategies for accelerating innovation.

May 2016

The Best Digital Companies Are Set Up to Never Stop Innovating

The key to Amazon’s success, argues process innovation consultant Brad Power, is its ability to make thousands of changes a day to its online retail service. This kind of agility and speed has become the fundamental operating model for internet business. We helped Power explain how non-digital natives can implement that model.

February 2016

The 5 Things IBM Needs to Do to Win at AI

IBM converted itself from a hardware company to a software services company 20 years ago. Today, it’s attempting another transformation using artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The first transformation was hard, but this one will be harder, according to authors Evangelos Simoudis and Brad Power.

September 2015

What Companies Have Learned From Losing Billions in Emerging Markets

How do leading companies mitigate the risks of doing business in places like Brazil and Indonesia? We helped FTI Consulting design and conduct a survey of global business leaders to answer that question. We also helped FTI’s senior leaders develop this article about the survey’s key findings.

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