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So, You Want To Write a Book? First Answer This Question.

May 8, 2019Laurie Cunningham

Many people think it’s writing a book that will make them a star. That’s no longer true.

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Will AI Take My Job, Developing Thought Leadership Content?

April 18, 2019Tim Parker

AI is taking over writing from humans.

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Taxpayer's desk and excise documents to import and export industrial goods for the purpose of maximizing profits for large business organizations.

7 Ways to Write for Executives by Someone Who Used to Be One

February 28, 2019Tim Parker

So as to attract and keep their attention.

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61 Short Takeaways From Bloom Group’s Annual Thought Leadership Summit

October 17, 2018David Rosenbaum

On October 4 and 5, CMOs, content marketers, editors, and others responsible for producing thought leadership gathered in Cambridge for the third annual Bloom Group/Rattleback “Profiting from Thought Leadership” conference. Over the conference’s two...

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What’s the Optimum Length of an Article? Wrong Question.

August 27, 2018Tim Parker

Here’s what started me thinking: A global management consulting firm recently published an atrocious 600-word article on how to optimize your site for SEO. Apart from the fact that this company had no SEO...

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5 Ways to Help Your Agency Help You Develop Your Thought Leadership

July 31, 2018David Rosenbaum

If you visit Bloom Group’s website, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you know we spill a lot of virtual ink writing about what thought leadership can do for your business. That makes...

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Why Results Are Critical to Thought Leadership

July 30, 2018Laurie Cunningham

In my previous life managing thought leadership campaigns for a global law firm, I also held writing workshops for the lawyers. During those workshops, I celebrated the virtue of plain language, warned against overusing...

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