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March 2018

Why Businesses and Governments Need To Stop Trying to Secure Their Networks

Most network breaches are caused by human error. People, no matter how well trained, will forget their laptops in cabs, connect to insecure public Wi-Fi, and click on emails they shouldn’t. In this MIT Sloan article, we helped James Lotspeich, a director at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences, explain a better approach to cybersecurity.

October 2015

How Coca-Cola Uses Entrepreneurs (and Keurig) to Jump-Start Innovation

By investing in start-ups but keeping them as separate entities, Coca-Cola stimulates growth in its acquisitions while learning lessons that benefit its primary business. We helped researcher Brad Power explain how the company’s arms-length yet nurturing approach to entrepreneurship enables it to circumvent bureaucracy and incorporate better business processes.

June 2014

High-Tech Packaging Fights Counterfeiters

Most companies fight counterfeiting by trying to catch the street vendors. FTI Consulting Senior Managing Director Bob Youill has a better idea: focus on the companies that package the counterfeit goods. We helped Youill write an article for FTI Journal, following which the Wall Street Journal interviewed him for this one.

June 2014

The Morning Risk Report: Global Regulatory Catch-22

While defending themselves against government investigations at home, U.S. and European multinationals risk violating Asian data protection laws when turning over information from the region. We helped the managing director of FTI Consulting’s technology practice publish an article in FTI Journal about this dilemma. Shortly after, the Wall Street Journal published this commentary, quoting him extensively.

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