What We Do

Our clients are busy professionals who have expertise to share with the market but don’t have the time to write it down. We help them develop a point of view and back it up with data and examples that will get them published and noticed.

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Our Services

Thought Leadership Strategy

Many companies find their thought leadership campaigns deliver lackluster results. We help clients identify the topics they should be writing about, assess the quality of their current content, and provide suggestions for how they can improve their processes to attract the attention they want.

Thought Leadership Content

We help clients capture their points of view in blog posts, articles, white papers, research reports and books. Our rigorous process of developing a clear problem statement and backing up the proposed solution with data and case examples makes the content we produce stand out from the rest.

Thought Leadership Marketing

Content marketing is different than other kinds of marketing. It strives to demonstrate expertise rather than tout services or accolades. That’s why the best channels for thought leadership content are earned rather than bought. We help clients get their content published in the places that matter most.





Our Team

Tim Parker


Tim helps firms develop thought leadership strategies that include primary research, content development and marketing. He helps clients turn recognition into revenue.

Laurie Cunningham

Content Director

Laurie works with clients to focus their ideas, develop engaging content, manage complex projects, and get them published in the places that reach their target audience.

David Rosenbaum


David helps clients produce attention-getting articles, blogs and books on a wide range of topics. He ensures editorial quality and assists in placing articles in leading journals.

Our Insights


How to choose the right topics, find the best distribution channels and maximize ROI

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How to structure articles, conduct original research and create compelling content

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How to reach your target audience and place an article or book with a publisher

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